We love West Michigan, and are doing our part to be good stewards of the environment.  As technology and product choices progress in environmentally friendly ways, we strive to increase energy efficiency and recycle-ability while decreasing emissions and waste.

A few of the ways we do this include:

  • Integrating Energy Star Certified equipment to increase energy efficiency, lower costs and decrease harm to the environment.
  • LED Lighting Systems – Not only are LED systems more attractive, they are also a more ecological and economical alternative to traditional vending machine lighting.
  • Recycling Services – We offer recycling for all beverage containers.  We also recycle all of our corrugated boxes at the warehouse level.
  • Water coolers featuring filtration systems instead of traditional water coolers.  This technology not only eliminates the hassle of large plastic water jugs, these systems can also cut down on service vehicle emissions.
  • On-Demand Liquid Coffee Concentrate Brewers – By using liquid coffee concentrate in single-cup brewers, coffee ground waste and wasted coffee are a thing of the past.  The concentrate manufacturer we have partnered with re-uses their used coffee grounds as agricultural compost.
  • Single Cup Coffee – Our single cup coffee pods feature biodegradable packaging.